Dr. Michael Schmaus - Empath-Medium-Minister
Let me begin by saying that Mediumship runs in my family (for at least the last 7 generations (that we know of).  It was my Great-Great Grandma Rev. Bessie Howard who was the first person I knew who worked as a Medium.  Besides doing private readings, she also helped local authorities solve many missing person cases.  Drowned victims were her specialty and her accuracy rate was phenomenal.  She made many trips to Camp Chesterfield with her father William Harry Wells (also a Medium).  They often taught classes at Camp Chesterfield as well. 
I have been an "EMPATH" all of my life....although I did not realize it.  (An Empath has the ability to step into someone's Aura/Energy and "FEEL" their pain, issues, feelings as if they were their own).   I have been ridiculed most of my life for being "too emotional"...which I find ironic, because I could NOT do the work I do now without being tied in to my emotions and those of others.
I have been studying Metaphysics and Spirituality for over 20 years. I have learned the art of doing "readings" and find the work to be most humbling.  I begin with Tarot cards to open the "gateway".  I then relay what my guides show me as well as what I see, hear, or sense/feel.  I then try to describe what your loved ones on the other side look like as well as any message they may have for you.  I add a touch of  spiritual counseling  to make for a unique reading.  Please don't be misunderstood, EVERYONE has this ability, mine has simply been heightened by use.  My only "gift" is being able to aside and let the information flow through me without judgement.   Readings are NOT an exact science....and NO ONE is 100% right all the time (no matter WHAT they tell you).  Please take what is right for you and leave the rest.  Just because you hope to hear from "Uncle Joe" doesn't mean he will show up, or have a message from you. 
I work with my guides differently.  I ask them to give the person what they NEED most, not what they WANT most.  My goal is to not have you leave feeling all "warm and fuzzy", but rather to see that you have options and are no longer "stuck" in any way.  Most people I have read for say that a reading with me resembles a session with a counselor...because we are probably going to talk about things that you are NOT expecting to talk about...maybe even things you are hiding from others or the world.  I take my work very seriously and give 100% of what I have to offer at EVERY reading.  I talk rather fast to give you the MOST information in the time you've asked to spend with me.  I throw ALOT at you in a short period of time.  Many people say it can take up to a few days for it all to sink in or make sense.  Also, PLEASE understand that the reading is for YOUR benefit, and 2 minutes later I will NOT remember what I told you...it's not for me to remember...it is for YOU.  My best advice is to come with an open mind, and enjoy the experience.
Today I can be found at many Psychic-Health Events in NW Ohio.  I also teach on Spiritual and Self-Help subjects.  Please click on the tabs to see where I am booked at...for a private reading or to book a home party.
Love and Blessings-
Dr. Michael Schmaus
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